Foil Hi-Lites

fresh talent85+
advanced fresh talent95+
advanced stylist105+
senior stylist115+
(Max 30 foils)
Full Head
fresh talent125+
advanced fresh talent135+
advanced stylist145+
senior stylist155+
(Max 65 foils)
Partial Balayage/Specialty Color
fresh talent120+
advanced fresh talent130+
advanced stylist140+
senior stylist150+
Full Head Balayage/Speciality Color
fresh talent160+
advanced fresh talent170+
advanced stylist180+
senior stylist190+
fresh talentadvanced fresh talentadvanced stylistsenior stylist
(Max 30 foils)
Full Head125+135+145+155+
(Max 65 foils)
Partial Balayage/Specialty Color120+130+140+150+
Full Head Balayage/Speciality Color160+170+180+190+
All services are priced a la carte.

A “+” denotes variance due to service customization, education and experience. All prices quoted are base prices and may increase without notice. Please consult your service provider for an exact quote.