Lash & Brow

Full Set of Lash Extensions330
Relash 2 weeks80
(1-14 days from fill)
Relash 3 weeks90
(15-21 days from fill)
Relash 4 weeks100
(22-28 days from fill)
Volumation Relash95+

*Any service after 28 days may be subject to full price for a Full Set of Lash Extensions. If you did not use Avantgarde for your last Lash service, Relash pricing is at the discretion of the service provider.


Lashes & Brows45
Lash Perm100
All services are priced a la carte.

A “+” denotes variance due to service customization, education and experience. All prices quoted are base prices and may increase without notice. Please consult your service provider for an exact quote.